Composite – frameless glass view company iran


Composite – frameless glass view company iran

Installation and implementation of composite and glass building view in Karaj & Tehran

Composite and glass facade design in Iraq -
 Sulaimaniyah - Azerbaijan -Kurdistan- Afghanistan 

Arya Namaye Atra Company Composite & Curtin Wall, Atra has started its specialized work on composite and frameless glass facades since 10 years ago in Karaj and Tehran, and today it has one of the largest networks for the production and sale of various facade materials. It is one of the best performers and executives of building view, especially in composite and composite facade designs with the frameless glass in the IRAN. The company has been able to use the advanced and skilled facilities of the largest projects in its executive report.

Contact Arya Namaye Atra Company:

Direct To Manager: Mr. Vafaei +98 912 258 7553

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